New announcement

Dear colleagues.

The members of the Organizing Committee of the 11th International Conference on Toxic Cyanobacteria” (Kraków, Poland, 5-10 May 2019) would like to again thank all the participants very much for their excellent contribution to the scientific dimension of the conference. We are very grateful to those of you who supported us in the preparation and coordination of holding the conference: the members of the Scientific Committee, chairs of the sessions and evening discussions, keynote speakers and volunteers.

During the conference we had an opportunity to listen to 87 lectures and participate in two round-table discussions. 137 posters were displayed in two poster sessions.

The participants agreed that the interesting discussion started during the second round-table event should be continued. Thus, we are offering you the space for such a brainstorm which could result in some binding decisions e.g. those regarding further association of our society working on toxic cyanobacteria or on the orientation of next ICTCs. In coordination with some members of the Scientific Committee we would like to encourage all the participants as well as other scientists (both experienced and young generation) to contribute to this panel.

You will receive in a few days an email with a password allowing you to register and take part in the discussion. Please, circulate this email to your colleagues and other experts and authorities allowing them to join our forum. The present version contains, but is not limited to four topics (1. Future ICTCs; 2. New international society?; 3. Promotion of applied and applicable science; 4. Future goals in basic sciences)

Please feel free to propose the additional subjects if necessary.


We hope that the discussion will be fruitful

Your sincerely

Local Organizing Committee